Lily + Luxe Design Co.

visually powerful, intellectually elegant


LUXE: n 1. The condition of being elegantly sumptuous The American Heritage Dictionary

Lily Cooper, Owner of Lily + Luxe Design Company, presents her design philosophy in a video exploring her work from interior and floral design to impressionistic painting.

Click on the image below to view. Filmed in high definition technicolor.


The Luxe aesthetic is a tailored, clean and refined approach to design. The end product reflects the client's needs within the framework of high caliber professional interior design. I make sophisticated design approachable and provide clients with a clear and efficient project process. I strive to use healthy and environmentally friendly materials, as well as locally sourced products. My experience, design knowledge and artistic skills, guides clients in their quest for a superlative finished space.




Lily + Luxe Design Co.

Durham, North Carolina 

(919) 491-4911